Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Very Tacky Christmas 2.0

Friday night Courtney, Kyla and I undertook the big task of feeding around twenty of our (tipsy) friends. Normally this wouldn't have sounded like a terribly difficult task...but my apartment is not built for that many people. After busing down from the university, we scrambled to get all the food that people had brought down spread out buffet style.

Crowding into the living room, we feasted on our dinners in front of our TV fireplace.

Jas made amazing cake pops!

I wish I was able to get more pictures of the food, because there was so much there...meat balls, pizza rolls, mac and cheese bake, won tons with brie cheese and cranberries, deviled eggs, brownies, cookies, egg nog...but it was like vultures had descended on the apartment in place of my friends.

After dinner Caroline and Nicole organized a game that was a cross between Charades and Catch Phrase.

A tacky sweater party isn't complete without blinking reindeer antlers and an elf hat with your best friend. 



Gradually people began to head home, leaving just the stragglers behind - in our kitchen! Were the couches in the living room not comfy enough?

And finally after a few too many Twisted Tea's and a bit too much spiked rum (er..I mean spiked eggnog) we called it a night and settled down for a long winters nap.  If this party was shindig was anything to go by, I'm guessing I'll have a permanent food baby for all of December.

I'm perfectly okay with that!

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