Saturday, 21 December 2013

The 3 Lakes

Having been at home for a few days now, that inevitable feeling of boredom started to wash over me. It wasn't that I'm not having a good time with dad and's just a bit of an adjustment from constantly being surrounded by friends in the city. And my sister, who is in Belgium, is notably absent, so I'm missing my partner in crime!

I moped around the house for a bit Thursday morning before Dad finally convinced me to go for a quad up behind our house. It had just started to snow (GASP!) so if we wanted to get up there, that was our day to do it.

There's a series of lakes tucked away from most people, accessible from some old logging roads and horse trails that my dad and grandpa cut out.  There's now a trap line set up along the way, and a little trapper's cabin at the first lake.

About 7 years ago, mom, dad, Janelle and I walked up to the cabin.  There's a little notebook that everyone that goes to the cabin puts their name in.  It was really neat to see all the different people who adventured up there.

The squirrels had chewed up the moose antlers that were nailed onto the posts.

We got back on the ATV and headed along to the second lake.  By this time, there was starting to be a lot of snow, so we stopped there and explored for awhile.  

More snow continued to fall, so we decided to head back before we got snowed in. There were a few spots where we had to take a couple runs at, but we made it back home with rosy cheeks and frozen toes just in time and warmed up with some hot chocolate. A beautiful winter day!!!

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