Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas at Eagle View

It seems like Christmas was such a blur! Only a few more days until I'll be making the trek back to Prince George to slave away at school for another semester. So here's the Christmas activities summed up in one post.


Brighty, Granny, Mom, Rivey and I. 

Usually we do a big Mexican gift exchange but this year we decided to switch it up and get fireworks and Chinese lanterns, which worked out for the best anyways as the flu hit a bunch of the family and they ended up staying home.

Christmas morning meant a Skype date with J from Belgium. We all opened our stockings and gifts from Santa while she watched on.

Dad has a habit of buying himself a bunch of presents and then just getting mom or me to wrap them up for him, so this year I made the label match who truly was giving the gift!

Mieka was in kitty heaven with all the bows and ribbons and paper scattered around the room, and we all settled into a Christmas coma on the couches. So thankful and happy to have been able to spend time with my amazing family!

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