Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Taco-Style Chili

Although we have yet to get our first "real" snowfall in Prince George (and by real I'm talking more than six inches, doesn't melt within a couple days kinda snow), the weather has definitely gotten chillier and its time to batten down the hatches.

What better way to do that than by making chili?

I'm not a huge fan of going completely off of recipes, mostly because I forget my shopping list every time I hike down to the store, but this is basically what you'll need:

~Ground beef
~Chili powder
~Stewed tomatoes
~Red and green bell peppers
~LOADS of different beans

I put my beef on to brown before I started chopping up all the veggies.

Once you have all your ingredients collected you can throw it into a big crockpot - or a normal pot, but personally I like my crockpot much more because I can just leave it plugged in and not worry about burning the house down.

Give it a good stir, and let it do it's thing!  Once it's cooked long enough (which really depends on what setting you turned your pot to), dish it out onto a bed of couscous/rice/quinoa/bread!

It turned out fabulously! What I found was a bit odd about it was how it didn't appear anything like the typical chili I was picturing.  Neither did my roommate, who came in an said "Did you make taco soup?!" (even though it's not nearly close to soupy texture), therefore we dubbed this meal "Taco-Style Chili".

And for all you university students out there like me who are pressed for time/money/etc, I've been eating this for days now...and I've thrown some in the freezer to heat up later during the semester - possibly during exam time?! 

Let me know how this turns out for you, and what other things could be added to make it even more spectacular???

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