Thursday, 14 November 2013

Oceans Apart

The past couple days have been really stressful for me...the cold/flu season has hit me hard, right in time for midterms, finals, papers and reports. I have to admit that it's been a bit depressing, so I thought I'd throw up a few pictures from home this summer as a reminder I CAN get through this.

This one is from a family picture we were doing before my sister left for Europe on an exchange (there were lots of posed shots but this one is my favourite).

These are all from a trip up north we took to a music festival. Chetwynd has some amazing chainsaw carvings that we always stop at whenever we go through.

Apparently Janelle wasn't having as much fun as me posing with the giant mosquito.

There's just something about looking back at summertime pictures that helps beat the winter blues...


Janelle is over in Belgium for another six months or so before I finally get to see her again :( On the bright side though, we're living together next year during school - a very happy thought!!!
I miss her to pieces but I know we'll be sick of each other again soon enough.

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