Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Adventure Time!

Midway through the semester we started getting cabin fever. Snow was starting to melt in Prince George, so my friends and I piled into my vehicle and we drove north to Crooked River Provincial Park with grand plans of have a campfire and hot dog roast.

Unfortunately we forgot that the northern location meant more snow.

A lot of waist deep snow.

Eventually we turned around before we even got to the campsite because Kristi and Alanna didn't put on proper footwear and they had cold feet.

Later during the week I went to lunch at Wasabi Sushi with M and D before they blasted off for their (very) belated honeymoon in Cuba. This was a struggle for me because chop sticks are definitely not my forte. 

Dad and I have a hard time taking good pictures together...

And the happy couple before they left me behind, making me the only member of the family still left in Canada, let alone the continent of North America. Not the best way to lead into exams!

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